Your new embossing seal or address embosser is a precision tool, that with proper care, will give you years of trouble free service. Your embossing seal consists of two major parts:
Embosser Frame

The Frame

The insert or die holder.

The insert or die holder.

To properly engage the die holder into the frame is simple.
  • First, turn both the frame and the die holder upside down.
  • Now pinch the die holder so that the two dies are touching each other.
  • Slide the die holder into the frame so the square “holes” are locked into the corresponding “teeth” on the frame.
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.03.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.02.52 PM
Your seal/embosser is designed to be used with ONE sheet of standard 20 lb. bond paper. Please do not use your seal on card stock or self-stick gold labels with a wax paper backer sheet. Use on either of these materials will cause your seal to wear out in a short period of time and void the warranty. Use only on standard grade paper and foil seals that you imprint first and then moisten and apply.
We can supply gold embossing labels in two types:
  1. The moisten and apply style
  2. The special self-sticking label that will not harm the seal.

Please inquire about the various styles of labels available on the market prior to use.

To keep your seal clean we suggest that you keep it locked when not is use.