What is camera ready?
It is a piece of artwork that is ready for the final stage in making a printing die, or for digitizing.
It needs no touch-up, clean-up or editing. It is finished and camera ready.


To obtain the best possible results with signature, logo and special artwork stamps, please follow these steps:

• Please supply several signatures in black ink on white UNLINED paper as close as possible to the size you are looking for.
•Please leave some space between each signature. 
Signatures are best if written with black roller ball type or fine felt tip pen. A ball point pen is not recommended as it may leave skips in your strokes while signing and the finished signature stamp may not be to your liking.
For self-inking (ClassiX®) or pre-inked stamps (Xstampers® or iStamp®), be sure to use the size guidelines provided with each.

• Please supply crisp clean black-on-white artwork. Even if the original logo and/or artwork are in color, please supply in black and white.
• We can reduce or enlarge clean artwork to meet your size requirements, but please make sure your artwork is clean. We are unable to clean-up images that are just too poor to reproduce photographically.
• The fastest and easiest way to submit your files is by email. We accept .eps, .tif,.bmp,.pdf, .ai and .wmf. You can also mail your signature/logo/artwork to us if you prefer. Faxing is NOT recommended as it can distort the image.

We can do some simple cleanup to your submitted signature/artwork/logo. More extensive revisions may incur additional costs. Please submit the best possible signature/artwork/logo you have for the best possible impression!